To Start the Transfer:

1. Wearing protective gloves and proper eye protection, connect VENTUR-EVAC to truck fill.  

2. Connect liquid hose to VENTUR-EVAC. Connect vapor hose to truck vapor fitting. Connect hose end delivery valve to VENTUR-EVAC

3. Connect liquid hose to the liquid withdrawal valve on the tank.  Connect the vapor hose to the tank fill valve using Rego 3121 unloading adapter.

4. Assure all fittings and connections are tight and leak free.  Starting with the hose end delivery valve, open all valves.

5. Engage the truck pump and pump at idle for the duration of the transfer.  

6. When transfer is complete, disengage the truck pump.  Close the truck fill valve, truck vapor valve, liquid withdrawal valve and 3121 unloading adapter.  Bleed off residual product from hoses through bleeders located on the tank fill valve and the valve and 3121 unloading adapter.

7. Remove hoses and install protective caps and plugs on all fittings.

Jetmark LLC