Jetmark LLC

The VENTUR-EVAC is designed FOR the propane industry BY propane people.  Evacuating a propane 
tank has never been easier.  Welded steel construction and weighing only 6 pounds, the VENTUR-EVAC is highly portable and easy to carry.  The lightweight design and ease of use will render current evacuation methods obsolete.  
Reduce Labor Costs:  Tank evacuations can now be performed by your delivery drivers while they are on their routes.  By carrying the VENTUR-EVAC in the tool box of your bulk truck, additional service 
personnel are not required.   
Tank Overfills: Immediately remedy overfills by connecting the VENTUR-EVAC to remove excess gallons.  No more calling back to the shop to dispatch service personnel for costly pump outs or flare offs.Gauge or Valve Repairs:  Efficiently evacuate propane into the bulk truck for valve or gauge repairs.  Accomplish this task with your drivers while making deliveries. 
Tank Setting:  Keep your two man tank setting crew on the move by utilizing the bulk truck to evacuate the current tank and filling the new tank set.  
Temporary Sets/Construction:  When the time comes to pick up temporary tank sets, they will 
undoubtedly have too much propane remaining in the tank to transport.  Dispatch one bulk truck and 
one driver to evacuate all of the temporary tanks to ready them for transport.
Excess Flow:  The VENTUR-EVAC will not activate the excess flow valve. 
Backcheck Valve:  A backcheck valve stuck in the closed position can be remedied in seconds.  Closing one ball valve reverses the flow of liquid, immediately unseating the backcheck valve.  Current methods require costly disconnecting, and reconnecting to unseat.